Arjuna Ardagh

Arjuna ArdaghThe Awakening Coaching Training is a professional vocation training to prepare practitioners to a high level of competency so they can support those in a position of leadership to more effectively manage a rapidly changing environment.

The economic and social structures to which we have become accustomed over the last several decades are proving themselves to be no longer viable and are falling apart before our eyes. For those in positions of responsibility this is both highly stressful and confusing. When things are changing very quickly, we don't need to learn new strategies, we need to learn how to adapt and innovate. We need to learn how to manage consciousness. Arjuna train coaches to offer tools which are spiritual in their origin, but highly effective and practical in their application.

"A Taste of Awakening Coaching" with Arjuna Ardagh A 4-Part TeleSeminar Series January 12, 14, 19, 21, 2010

Does the pace of life and the challenging economy have you stressed out? Are you losing sleep, worried about tomorrow…and looking for deeper meaning? Today people all over the world are waking up and experiencing an expanded state of consciousness. This awakening is the essence of all of Arjuna’s books, CD’s, and classes. Arujuna is offering a tele-seminar series in January, Tools for Deepening Awakening, and you’re invited to reserve your place now.

In this 4-part tele-seminar series, Arjuna and his team of highly-trained Awakening Coaches will guide you into radical awakening and give you tools for recognizing and dissolving outmoded beliefs. You will explore ways to bring awakening consciousness into relationship, parenting, the workplace, creativity, the way you are with your body, and the way you relate to the state of the world.

The total investment for all four seminars is just $95. Space is limited to just 40 participants, so reserve your spot now.

You will also find books, CDs, DVDs by Arjuna Ardagh here. You can also register in the online store for teleseminars as well as live events and trainings. Your order will be shipped in one to three days after you place the order.

Leap Before You Look Special Package Boulder, CO: Sounds True Inc. 2008

Price: $24.95

Perhaps you've caught a glimpse of who you are beyond thought 'your spiritual nature' but weren't sure how to live it as a gift and blessing for all. What's the solution? Practice. Leap Before You Look is a collection of simple exercises to help you on your way. Each takes just a few minutes to shift you 'out of your mind' and into the infinite possibilities of the present moment. What's more, the 72 'shortcuts' contained herein will allow you to deepen and embody this realization in your daily life, from one minute to the next, wherever you may be. So open to any chapter, and accept Arjuna Ardagh's invitation to "Leap Before You Look" into "the possibility of spiritual practice not as a means to a goal, but as an endlessly unfolding exploration of a life of beauty, fully worth living." Click here to learn more.