Laura Silva

Laura SilvaBefore his death, Jose Silva was working on a project that incorporated brand new teachings that had not been revealed to the public but had been practiced by his daughter, Laura Silva. never before revealed to the general public—not even to the huge hardcore devoted following. As both Jose's daughter and the head of the Silva network, Laura chose to continue her father’s legacy in the form of Silva Life System.

Taking the amazing never-before-seen teachings of Silva together with scientific research, Silva Life System has been called "The Greatest Secret to Modern Day Breakthrough Living, Ever" Designed to make you victorious in the modern world, "Silva Life System combines Cutting Edge Science and Ancient Profound Wisdom to produce a modern mind-control system that delivers results and changes lives. The Silva Life System is actionable, relevant wisdom for urban-dwelling contemporary living..." promising the secrets to accessing happiness, creativity, performance, solutions, stress-free living, and more.

Laura Silva

So Now, Discover the Method that has Changed Millions of Lives, and is About to Change YOURS!

Silva Life System, The Latest and Greatest Silva Course, features:

  • 10 Modules… with the MOST COMPLETE Silva content ever.
  • The All-Star Renowned Cast of Silva Instructors, including Jose’s own Daughter, Laura Silva.
  • A Workbook for you, so you can always practice—how to be better and better…

Developing Your Inner Power through Self-Development
with Laura Silva Quesada

Inner Power is that which one gains by cultivating their ability to interpret and discern one’s inner experiences.

  • Multidimensional Being
  • Four Areas of Success
  • Accessing Your Inner Power
  • Ingredients for Manifestation
  • Hierarchy of Values/Relationships

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