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Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan, is the Author of the #1 bestselling book, Awakened Wisdom A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance and founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences, Inc. Executive coach, leadership trainer, author, entrepreneur, and former Buddhist monk, Patrick Ryan powerfully integrates his rich life experiences with ancient teaching and modern applications to help deepen his client’s understanding of their own experiences. Patrick's techniques call upon his years of entrepreneurial experience, intuition, the wisdom of ancient traditions from around the world and a wealth of training in the systems of executive coaching, cultural and relationship coaching, leadership and the study of human behavior to help deepen his clients’ understanding of how to create their desired outcomes.

As a part of World Changing Wisdom's collaboration with Patrick, he is offering the following package valued at $1148.00 to our World Changing Wisdom community for only $97.00, a savings of over $1000.00.

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When you purchase this $97 package valued at $1148.00, you will receive the following:

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-- Awakened Wisdom Experiences (AWE) Living the Eight States of an Awakened Life™ Self Study Program - A Guide to Creating an Amazing Life - Retail $199.00

This self-study program guides you on a spiritual journey through the AWE Eight States of an Awakened Life™. Through this enriching ten-week program, you’ll be guided to find a clearer vision of your purpose, clarify your place in the world and discover within yourself how to move forward with greater confidence, personal power and success.

The program includes access to the Awakened Wisdom Journal Program© where you can record and track your learning, as well as collaborate with other learners online. Additionally, both written and audio materials will be electronically sent to you once a week for ten weeks to keep you on track while guiding your journey in creating an awakened life. You will also have the opportunity to access exclusive monthly calls led by Patrick Ryan.


--Awakened Wisdom Experiences (AWE) - Mandala Creation Program - Your Dream and Purpose Revealed -- Retail $49.00

"It is from that place of divine and wise liberation that you are available to touch into your dream, and also into the Universe’s dream for you. It is the Universe’s dream for you that calls you to your life purpose and that promises to make the best use of you." From: Awakened Wisdom - A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance. The Mandala Creation Program is a powerful process to help you:

  • - Re-member with the truth of who you are
  • - Re-connect with your dreams and highest wishes
  • - Discover the current calling of your life purpose
  • - Learn what is needed to align your world to your purpose

“The AWE - Mandala Creation Program - Your Dream and Purpose Revealed” is an inspiring 4-week program which guides you through the process of touching your dreams and purpose. Helping you create your own personal sacred Mandala to use as a guide and inspiration on a daily basis. Expand your learning and insights through the AWE Journal Program© as well as with an exclusive monthly tele-conference with Patrick


-- Bonus Gift (19.95 retail): The Awakened Wisdom Experiences (AWE) The Eight States of an Awakened Life - 16 Visualizations for Creating a Life of Peace and Wellbeing

This bonus gift is a digital download of the AWE Eight States of an Awakened Life™ guided visualizations, recorded by Patrick Ryan himself. These beautiful visualizations will guide you on your journey through life’s ups and downs, and help you embody the wisdom of the AWE Eight States of an Awakened Life in each present moment.

These sixteen visualizations include both the AWE Eight States of an Awakened Life as well as "Notes From The Future" visualizations to complete this set of aspirations on living an awakened life in each day.


--Two Tuition Tickets for a registration price of $345.00 to an AWE “Reclaiming Your Brilliance” Program. (Full listed tuition price is $795.00) a $450.00 savings!

During an AWE Reclaiming Your Brilliance Program you will learn how to access the deep intuitive wisdom that lies within you with greater ease and confidence. Over the course of three days, you’ll engage in a variety of both personal and group exercises to help you clarify your vision, your deeper purpose in life and your place in the world. After that, you will continue to receive ten weeks of support and teachings on the Eight States of an Awakened Life. As well, through the ten weeks, you will have access to use the AWE Journal Program. This is a powerful online resource through which you will be in a global community with others giving and receiving support to each other as you create your own awakened life adventure. Learn how to move forward successfully through life while incorporating and embodying the wisdom of the AWE Eight States of an Awakened Life™ in each day.

In this powerful 3-day live program and ten week Journal Program, many participants have experienced:

  • A “shift” or life-changing moment that opens up exhilarating new possibilities for themselves.
  • A connection with their own divine wisdom for greater clarity and insight.
  • A gravitation toward a calling and the letting go of “shoulds” that hold them back.
  • A sense of peace and calm that facilitates focused action.

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Some restrictions apply: Only one may be used per person. Tickets must applied to a 2010 Reclaiming Your Brilliance Program. Does not apply to some international locations or with co-hosted programs. See the website for more details about the Reclaiming Your Brilliance Program.