Tuesday, 09 February 2010 00:00

Dare to try this…

Look into the mirror, gaze deeply into your eyes, and from the fullest depths of your heart, repeat these words, “I completely love and accept myself…”

If the tears start to flow or the words refuse to come, then I invite you to join me beginning Wednesday, February 10th at 1 p.m. ET for A Return to Self Love – Healing Wisdom, Feminine Power, a 5-Week Mastermind and Group Coaching Experience. It’s your time for a journey to the infinite depth of Self Love—a breathtaking ride to self intimacy, trust, healing, and miracles.

It’s not about masturbation, and it’s not just for women. It’s for everyone with a creational soul and spirit, everyone who longs for a loving relationship, everyone experiencing addiction or depression to fill the void of not living fully expressed. It’s for everyone who dares be magical…who knows the possibility of creating miracles in your life, your business, your relationship, your family.

Four years ago, I stared at the mirror blankly, forcing myself to say three simple words -- “I love myself”. Instead, I sobbed uncontrollably. It was supposed to be Easy—an affirmation of healing—but the words refused to come. I stared at my reflection, realizing it was impossible for me to even look into my own eyes much less say those intimate words of self love. I felt robbed, betrayed, and cheated. Although I had spent a lifetime in prayer, I felt the raw force and emptiness of spiritual impoverishment; it rocked me to my core.

In that moment of clarity, I realized why I had entered a string of broken relationships with unloving, abusive men, why I had tolerated friendships with people who drained me, and why I had worked for employer after employer who stripped my confidence, devalued my time and my worth, and shredded my spirit…all for the promise of payment (or heaven) in the future.

At the time, I thought the high cost of living as a victim was for me alone, but recently, I have become fully aware of the high cost to everyone around me when I failed to love, honor, and respect myself. In not caring for and giving love to myself, I took precious parts of me from the people I loved most, setting in motion my worst fears and the things I had given my life to prevent.

I now know the high cost living upside down, inside out, and out of touch with the healing power of Love and the power of the Heart, and I have come to know the healing wisdom as well as the essential paradoxes inherent within any act of Self Love. I know with certainty that Self Love is the bottom line for everything, especially moving beyond self love.

It is coming on Valentine’s Day, a time of contemplation and reflection on the meaning and the miracle of love. People everywhere are searching for ways to express it deeply and authentically, so I wanted to share from my heart to yours the greatest gift you can give your Self, your relationships, and your children – Love Yourself. You’re worth it.

Dare to be magical, dare to create miracles, dare to experience true intimacy, dare to love you…

Dare to Experiment, Experience, Excite, Enliven, Engage, Enlighten, Empower, Emerge, Evolve…

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