Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine
Friday, 12 February 2010 00:00

For so long now, my heart has whispered unceasingly for silence, self-nurturing, and sacred pause to sit with my longings and to allow the next step to unfold with passionate purpose. Yet, my yearning to seek and reveal ancient, indigenous wisdom was deep and profound, so even my quest for gentle wisdom became a high-speed chase that left my heart and spirit behind.

Within the stories of our elders and ancient wisdom keepers lies deep wisdom about living in a way that respects the rhythms and cycles of life, being open and receptive, and honoring the sacredness of body, mind, and spirit. These stories hold feminine wisdom about power through self honor, self love, and a holy commitment to care of the heart and soul—pulling back instead of pushing through, giving self time to rejuvenate, energize, and renew.

Thirteen times a year, Native American women retreated to a “moon lodge” where they quieted and stilled themselves, praying for information, understanding, and discoveries that would nurture and enrich and inform their people. And they allowed themselves to receive that wisdom as well as the nourishing foods prepared by others during their moon-time stay.

We are being called in vast numbers to reclaim the feminine wisdom we have betrayed—not only women but also men. That wisdom informs creation within our communities and on our planet. The global intuitive nudge is asking you to return to the heart you have abandoned—the place of your longings, your dreams, and your wild imaginings…the place of creational power.

Our community is now the universe, and the moon lodge may take the shape of sacred gatherings across the planet, but the wisdom and the power remains the same.

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