Your children and grandchildren inherit your disease, your emotions, and your culture
Monday, 29 November 2010 14:44

Never before has a species been known to drive its own to suicide.

Notes from a 2003 conference with Joseph Chilton Pearce entitled “The Magical Child’s Transcendent Mind”.

Before 1988, there were no recorded incidences of suicide under 14. After 1988, suicides have been reported as early as age 3. By that time, 70% of our children are in day care. There is a correlation.

Since 1988, child suicide has increased as a cause of death in children aged 5 to 17 children. If all attempts had been successful, the number would have been over 100,000 higher.

There is no historical antecedent. Never before has a species been known to drive its own to suicide.

What’s more, children took over 130,000 per day guns to school in the year 2000; 30 schools per day were hit by children with guns--. 6 per day died.

That is more than we lost in the Viet Nam War, yet there is no mourning wall.

The Rising Tide of Violence

The rising tide of violence is a result of a breakdown in neurological development at birth, at puberty, and as a young adult.

Brain Development at pivotal points is critical to the choice of violence or transcendence – and that development is dependent upon environment

When a woman lives in a safe and nurturing environment and feels loved and respected during her pregnancy, she gives birth to children with enlarged forebrains and a reduced hind brain. If, however, the mom is in a harsh, fierce, anxiety-inducing environment and feels unsure, she gives birth to children with enlarged hind brains and reduced fore brains.

In other words, the mother’s emotional state determines the sizes, state, and function of the child’s brain.

The forebrain governs all relationship to the world, the immune system, thinking, reasoning, feeling, love, compassion, empathy, and understanding, as well as our advanced intellectual skills. It allows us to compute, reason, analyze, and think creatively. It makes us human. It is the governor of whole system, modulating or canceling all other areas.

This evolutionary addition to the brain is critical to a child’s development, allowing the child to negotiate emotions and to create during the early stages of life. The emotional state of mom determines brain development of child and whether the child will be in a defensive survival mode versus being creative.

Discovered in the late 1980’s, the prefrontal cortex can’t develop in utero. It is the biggest single part of brain, so if it grew in utero, the child wouldn’t get out.

In the 1980’s researchers discovered that the prefrontal cortex grows in the next nine months after birth and that development in that 9 to 18 months is a most critically important part. Even then, outside the womb, its growth is dependent on the mom’s (or other caregiver’s) emotional state as well as on the extent of nurturing and care the child receives. If loved, protected, wanted, and accepted, the child’s prefrontal cortex explodes. It grows enormously and rapidly. However, if the child experiences fear, anxiety and separation, growth is seriously compromised.

It is an environmentally-sensitive experience. Between 12 to 18 months, the toddler’s prefrontal cortex hangs in balance, its growth dependent upon unconditional love and emotional support.

At around age 15, the secondary stage of prefrontal growth begins with a giant growth spurt and outpouring of new neural pathways. It is this secondary stage of the prefrontal development that determines whether we take a path of violence or a path of transcendence.

The prefrontal cortex is everything human. Love, empathy, rapport, care, and nurture come through or are translated into life through the prefrontal cortex. It is the civilized mind, dependent upon unconditional love and support.

Rising tide of violence.

There is a conflict between nature’s biological imperative and cultural imperative. Cultural imperative is overriding the biological imperative, leading to a rapid increase in violence.

The tendency toward violence is a result of a breakdown in our neurological development.

Scientific research reveals that violence pivotal points – What happens at birth and puberty.

It is time we look at any girl -- any woman with new eyes and to make every effort to give pregnant girls total complete support.

Swedish Pediatric group advised its government to pay any woman a stipend to stay home with her child for one year. They did it, and within decade – one generation – they had eliminated entire penal system and they extended stipend to three years on sliding scale to moms and dads alike.

The United States prison system spends millions each year, yet not a cent is given to support pregnant moms, and we pay a dramatic and terrible price.

At conception, nature asks this question, “Will we be able to go to greater intelligence or must we defend ourselves again?” Will we have enormous growth spurts of brain development and higher intelligence? Will we have greater level of awareness or must we defend ourselves again?

With nurturing at each level, we can overcome a great deal.

Diseases, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of my ancestors replicate not only in the lives of my children but also in the lives of their children and their children.

We are a culture of shame, depression, addiction, fear and negative emotions. Those emotions cause changes in our DNA, which passes them down to our children.

Our DNA is sensitive to our environments

Our DNA is 10 atoms across. The nucleus of DNA folded up is six feet long and if stretched would reach around the earth 5 ½ billion times. Each of 78 trillion cells emits a photon of light periodically—it is environmentally sensitive.

Our children’s neurological development has been and is being jeopardized, and until we begin to take personal responsibility for our own healing, we are genetically encoding our children, our grandchildren and their children for disease, violence, war, depression, addiction, and emotional deprivation.

Depression, addiction, shame, fear, and disease are rampant.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and it is predicted to be second only to heart disease by 2020 as the most disabling condition in the world. Rates of depression double every ten years, and those with depression are at much greater risk for other illness, particularly heart disease.

Addiction, stress, heart disease, cancer come at incalculable cost.

Now is the time to take personal responsibility for your own healing and all the possible manifestations of healing possibility including integrative medicine, miracle healing, and the power of love to heal …

Your children and the future of our planet depends on it.

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