Miracles and the Healing Power of Love
Monday, 29 November 2010 14:56

At 4:22 p.m. on August 8, 2009, my grandson’s heart stopped beating.

Nurses, assistants, doctors, and others came out of the woodwork. My daughter was in shock; her boyfriend sobbed, not able to comprehend all that was happening. Exhausted to the point of hallucination and too numb to feel, I stared at the monitor, “Please come back. Please come back.” After what seemed to be hours, a small blip appeared…then stronger, stronger.

Without missing a beat, the team pulled plugs, running as they pulled, dragging other equipment behind them.

Delivery was the only thing that would save my daughter. My grandson’s spirit had decided it was time for his arrival.

Two minutes later, at 4:24 p.m., the baby had arrived.

I don’t remember much after that except a miracle baby, an incubator with a tiny body no bigger than my daughter’s hand, tubes and wires attached to every part of his body, and my daughter staring in wonder and saying, “He has ten fingers and ten toes. I’m in love.”

Caiden arrived home after two months in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

So much has happened since then. Still, the only word I can use to describe him is “Miracle”. He is happy and healthy, and his easy laughter can heal the hardest heart.

Over the past few years, my family has experienced so many medical miracles, my heart cannot even begin to fathom the “How”. For those miracles, my heart is filled with gratitude. I applaud the doctors, the technology, and the care.

Yet, at the same time. I am aware that miracles exist beyond the medical realm. We have experienced those too.

I believe in miracles, miracle healing, and the power of love to heal--medical miracles, healing miracles, everyday miracle moments.

My curiosity about miracle healing, energy, and the power of love and my longing to know more about its science, the heart, and the spirit are insatiable.

My quest has been to research the wisdom of miracles and the healing power of love. It has taken many years, and bit by bit, the information has unfolded.

On Wednesday, December 1, 2010, I will be hosting a live teleseminar event with DaVid Raphael, M.D. DaVid will share his wisdom about Miracles and The Healing Power of Love.

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