Heart of Business Laser Group Coaching

Sheva Carr Laser group coaching is individual coaching for 5 to 15 minutes within a group setting. Participants come prepared with their questions and deliver the question with laser-like precision, honing the issue and bringing it down to a bite-sized piece to allow for everyone’s issues to be addressed in a 60 minute call.

No need to heal old issues, expose your feelings, change your thoughts, or heal your past. Coaching goes directly to the experience of your heart’s true desires, helping you clarify your heart’s blueprint with ease!

  • On-the-spot laser coaching to neutralize stress
  • On-call coaching when you need it most
  • Tap into your heart’s guidance to make decisions from the heart
  • Sustain your coherence

In Sheva's words, "I am so delighted to be offering this course alongside Linda and welcome you to join us. I became a CEO and Executive Director before I had any business training, and I know first hand of the tremendous challenges those of us in leadership positions face- cashflow, personnel, taxes, payroll, client aquisition, corporate compliance... It is easy to lose heart and forget the heart of our businesses! But it is essential that we keep heart, and keep the heart at the forefront of our businesses if they are to succeed on any level - even to be profitable financially. When I first incorporated Fyera!, my accountant looked at me as I signed the documents and announced, "You know 50% of businesses fail within the first year and 95% are gone after five years, right?" Nice encouragement! I assumed that he was implying that most businesses go bankrupt. He gave me in that moment the inner resolve to be in the 5% after five years that make it- and to have a BIG celebration! Much to my amazement, later in the year as I began taking business courses I learned that most businesses do NOT go bankrupt- their owners and leaders burn out. That's right! They lose heart! They go heart bankrupt! The businesses that make it are the ones where no matter what the obstacles, the owners and leaders and staff stay connected in their hearts to each other, and to the vision, mission, purpose and value of their business in their hearts. Join us and join the top 5% of business owners who last! Our time together will be informed by tools from the renown HeartMath companies, tools that Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring into their organizations to reduce employee stress and turnover, increase team building and leadership, reduce sick days, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability and the bottom line. I will share personal stories of how again and again I came close to being in the 95% statistic, took heart, and succeeded at a whole new level. I so look forward to seeing you succeed similarly, inside and out, and joining you in the Heart of Business series together!

With heart,

Monthly 1-hour laser group coaching session – First Monday of each month at 6 p.m. ET

  • $37 per month subscription, may cancel at any time
  • Call in with questions and receive on the spot help from your facilitators! Or listen to the questions brought by others to learn ahead of your game so you don’t have to play out the same challenge in your business!

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