Remember Who You Are: Activate Your Feminine Heart Wisdom

Linda PannellWe stand at the threshold of an elegant new awakening on planet Earth, a quantum leap in consciousness and vibration, and an emerging new species of humanity yearning to express its life purpose—a yearning born of creativity and innovation in the face of crisis and extinction.

Some call it The Shift. Others call it The Ascension. And many say simply 2012. But regardless of the name, the essence is clear, transformation is happening, and you stand in a place of infinite potential and possibility to create a new earth your way. Together, we are moving toward a new birth of humanity with love as its essence and the creative, feminine, evolutionary impulse at its heart.

Everywhere, people are awakening to their own creative, spiritual potential and to the ancient heart wisdom of Oneness. This is an awakening of vast measure, characterized in part by a longing to connect to self, to Source, to each other, and to all that is...

Connection and co-creation hold the keys to conscious evolution...

With the intention of connection, co-creation, and conscious evolution, I invite you to join me for a teleseminar-based Mastermind Experience. Play in the living field and energy of The Heart. Create the NEW inside a Heartful, Miracle-Minded MasterMind Group …

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This is an exclusive opportunity for those ready to connect to the infinite power, possibility, and heart of “who you are” in business and in life—those who are ready to create miracles for everyone, everywhere, all the time …

Almost every successful millionaire in history has been a member of at least one paid mastermind group. Those people say masterminding was the reason for their success; however, my sense is that within successful mastermind groups, coherent hearts too are key.

Experience the Power of Collective, Coherent Hearts & Minds

Savvy, like-minded, heart-focused, conscious, creative, evolutionary entrepreneurs all over the planet value their Mastermind Groups because they know that masterminding gives them the benefit of collective connective consciousness, collective heart wisdom, and collective heart intelligence.

Masterminding is a heartbeat, a pulse... a true source of empowerment, resources, and energy to fuel your own “rockets of desire,” a powerful attractor allowing you to create with lightness, fun, and ease…

Heartful Masterminding Activates Your Brilliance, your Genius, Your Magnificence through Heart Focus for Your Success..."

And, it is truly easy, but ‘easy’ has nothing to do with zero effort or no action. In fact, the opposite is true. It means that with the right focus, attitude, perspective, and tools to tap into the power of your heart, you create a vacuum drawing you toward your success and it toward you. You become a magnet so powerful you can change the electromagnetic field of our planet.

Properly-structured and regularly scheduled masterminds can create extraordinary results because you begin to activate your heart genius, get clear and get real about your life purpose and core values with laser focus on what you want in every area of your life and laser ability to articulate that focus from your core and your essence tapping into the essence of what your want.

Imagine the powerful impact on your life and business when you participate in a professional mastermind group with wisdom and love that radiates from the heart...

Masterminding allows you to access your own wholeness as well as that of the group, to leverage the group wisdom, and to accept personal responsibility and personal accountability for your own success. It offers a space to create blueprints for the heart of success, bringing love, spirit, and soul back to the life of business and the business of life.

Tapping into the collective mind and collective heart reduces individual time, energy, and effort, allowing you to access an infinite reserve of resources and possibility.

  • Remember forgotten Universal Laws of Attraction, Creation, Delibrate Intention, and others
  • Remember and access the power of who you are
  • Discover your own creational power
  • Discover the principles of attraction and go beyond the Law of Attraction to Create what your heart truly desires ---
  • Discover the Healing power of creativity
  • Stand in your Power and BE Easy
  • Have great fun
  • Understand The phenomenal wisdom of Abraham-Hicks and others
  • Discover the power of the mind, the heart, and your feelings to create what you want Receive answers to your heart’s questions – the heart intelligence inside a mastermind that allows you to move through the energy of stuckness and to take action from a heart place of clarity, focus, commitment, and purpose...
  • Create NEW, more productive heart solutions to overwhelm, frustration, isolation, and other business challenges – imagine heart-full people, collectively focused supporting you in creating a life and business you love...
  • Bring the power of ancient heart wisdom and ancient heart technologies into modern language and modern application to create your own miracles.
  • Accomplish more in less time with “fun” and “easy” – being personally responsible for following through on your intentions, goals, plans, and “the Next” action step empowers you toward heart responsibility for your own success…
  • Get more done in less time
  • Have more energy
  • Be who You Are
  • Increase your profit as you grow you business, create better relationships, and take care of yourself

Heart Focus Objectives…After this MasterMind Experience, you will be able to:

Begin to articulate your heart’s deepest desires.

Articulate your values around the feminine, its role in your life, and its role in your intimate relationships as well as your values around the masculine.

Discuss how opening deeply to our unique essences and their energies plays a vital role in our ability to open completely to conscious, loving, deeply fulfilled relationships.

Identify characteristics of the feminine, its energy and purpose as well as characteristics of the masculine and the dance of the two

Engage in deep, open, honest discussion about the vital role of the feminine in co-creating as well as the power of fear of the feminine to close off all possibility of consciousness within our relationships.

Identify ways in which honoring the miracle of the feminine can be a foundation for and the key to attracting and creating as well as ways in which betraying both the feminine and the masculine as well as our heart’s deepest yearning (both masculine and feminine) destroys possibility of the dance of creation

Identify elements of our personal environments that can be re-created to attract conscious/loving relationships or negative/draining relationships in their lives.

Begin to play with ideas around ways to return to honor the feminine in our lives.

Discuss the role of self care, self love, principles of attraction, honoring truest self and highest purpose in the creation and fulfillment of conscious relationships.

Articulate and learn how to use powerful questions to raise awareness around what they most want in life

Discuss the part memes and fear of the feminine play in our inability to open fully within our intimate relationships.

A Passion to Create Miracles...

I am a Coach, Teleseminar Producer, Creator of Science, Spirituality, & The Sacred: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles, and Chief Evolutionary Officer for World Changing Wisdom. I'm a former lawyer, I now study Universal Laws within this vibrational Universe--Universal Lawyer ™. I listen to the rhythm and the whisper and vibration of my heart—somewhat of a Heart Whisperer ™. The Universe conspires on your behalf when you are open, receptive, and authentic, honoring your values, your value, and your vision. I am passionate about helping you heal your life and heal your business through the power of your Heart.

Masterminding Is a Gift of Self Love...

This Monthly Mastermind beginning Tuesday, March 2, 2010.

Why It Works…

Most free Masterminds don’t work because the groups lack focus and structure, allowing some members to monopolize while other members are left out, which wastes time, money, attention, energy, and effort.


Professional masterminds are different. Like the human heart, they have a rhythm, a flow, an Energy, and a structure. They start, end, and stay on time with a focus, a design, an attention, and an intention. With attention and energy management, you create more of everything… Money, Love, Abundance, Connections, Resources, Energy, and Time…Time to create what you really want in your life.

Mastermind Structures…
Inside Your Exclusive 1-hour Mastermind

Twice monthly, you will dial in to a dedicated Instant Teleseminar bridge-line at the designated time and start to masterheart mastermind with me and other like-minded heartfull professionals. The call will last exactly one hour -- 7 minutes with 7 people - a Certified 1-Hour Mastermind Director who leads the group and 6
other mastermind participants.

When You Register Now for your own private 1-Hour Mastermind, You Will:

  • Remember the power of the mind, the heart, and your feelings to create what you want
  • Discover how Andrew Carnegie's model helps you achieve the outcomes you desire in less time and with less effort.
  • Find out why Masterminding goes beyond networking to a web of connection ... a tool that multiplies your individual potential exponentially...
  • Get real support to create your reality, manifest your dreams, and live on purpose – your biggest big beyond your wildest imaginings
  • A new view on S.M.A.R.T. Goals – specific, measurable, achievable action steps that are realistic, time-bound ....
  • How quickly and effortlessly your business grows when you engage the collective wisdom of the mastermind...
  • Reclaim your power and confidence as you realize and celebrate small successes...
  • Discover the singlemost powerful tool to create your highest heart’s blueprint
  • Discover how to Play Big - making powerful connections, collaborations, alliances, and joint ventures ...
  • and so much more...

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