Linda PannellThe moon, menses, and moon time, hold wisdom and power in our lives; however, we have lost touch with that meaning and power, almost pretending it does not exist.

Still, according to Brooke Medicine Eagle, this information is a profound and important piece of our offering as women toward the evolution and continued survival of humanity.

Brooke Medicine-Eagle (Chalise) is an American native Earthkeeper, Earth wisdom teacher, and author of a classic spiritual autobiography Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and her latest book on the transformational practices of Earth magic and ascending into our greater humanity The Last Ghost Dance. Women's Mysteries: Moon Time Power and Magic, is a compilation of the transcripts of Brooke's 3-part Women's Mysteries TeleSeminar Series together with a separate transcript of the TeleSeminar entitled Buffalo Calf Woman: An American Goddess. In addition to the 4 transcripts, you also receive access to the mp3 downloadable audios for all 4 TeleSeminars.

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