The Art & Science of Twin Flames Reveals the Meaning of Life...

Star Doves

The Art & Science of Twin Flames Reveals the Meaning of Life...

The Twin Flame experience unravels a life course, teaching you how to consciously manifest what you really want in life instead of continually manifesting unconsciously what you don’t want.

Living with your Twin Flame teaches you how to master relationships, finances, health and emotions. This Teleseminar will impart principles & techniques teaching you how to manifest your dreams.

Join me as I host the StarDoves on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. EDT for Part II of the Twin Flame Teleseminar series. Part II is designed to assist you in finding your Twin Flame.

Plus, a special bonus: How to Find Your Twin Flame.

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Twin Flames: The Great Mystery that reveals Life's Meaning and Purpose!

Our Guides tell us that living together as Twin Flames is the Great Mystery that reveals life’s purpose—StarDoves

During this teleseminar, you will also discover the design of earth-life and why twin flames are a necessary part of the meaning and purpose of existence.

In the purely romantic version of life, finding someone to love depends upon how lucky or persevering a person is in finding someone highly compatible or acceptable as a mate. It does happen, but generally, most people are not that lucky or that patient, and they go thru life without finding a love of their life—not a soul mate and certainly not their Twin Flame.

In this Teleseminar, the StarDoves will impart ways of improving your chances of finding your Twin Flame. The Art and Science of Twin Flames reveals the dance and design of the universe. The results show that living as Twin Flames or in Soul Mate Pods is the spiritual reason for existence on Earth, i.e., the very meaning and purpose of life itself!

The source of the Light—of existence itself—is the bringing together of the male and the female: Goddess and God, the two forces of life, the Yin and the Yang. Human beings are the manifestation of these forces. Our role is to awaken ourselves to our true source. Our mission is to unite these forces in awareness by finding our Twin Flame.
Remember what we learned from the first Twin Flame Teleseminar: Soul Mates are pods, can be 12 Soul Mates in a pod, sometimes 14. But within that group there are 6 or 7 Twin Flames. Thus there is one and only Twin Flame per person.

This means you have one Twin Flame whom you journey with through lifetimes. While you may have many partners, a dozen or so soul mates, you only have 1 Twin Flame who is searching for you, as you are searching for them.

We will reveal that next in our special bonus for you during this Teleseminar: How to find Your Twin Flame.

During this teleseminar, you will experience:

  • How to find Your Twin Flame.
  • How to develop Telepathy with your twin flame so you can hone in on each other.
  • Developing Mysticism in your life. It involves the higher faculties of our human self; your 6th sense, intuition, and working with the energies behind the flesh and bone, the powers and principalities that govern the world.
  • How to develop an intimate involvement with existence.
  • Attuning to your higher aesthetic senses.

Dr. Raja’s Story: The Voice of Edgar Cayce

In 1978 as Dr. Raja was teaching Naturopathy courses at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA, he heard the voice of Edgar Cayce telling him that he would soon find his Twin Flame. She arrived six years later on the other side of the United States.

For over a quarter of a century, the StarDoves (Dr. Raja & Prof. Moira) have taught this Twin Flame Course, now offered by Teleseminar through special arrangement with Linda Pannell’s World Changing Wisdom.

During this experience, Dr. Raja draws upon material from the Edgar Cayce readings concerning the choice of a companion-particularly a life partner.



Wednesday, March 24th
7 p.m. EST

Who are The StarDoves

Far ahead of their time, the StarDoves are visionaries among visionaries--the epitome of love and the heart-centered business.

When I started my business two years ago, I had nothing more than a purpose, a vision, an infinite belief in the limitless possibility of love, and the awareness that our businesses are the fullest expression of who we are--breath, art, heart, soul, spirit, body, mind.

I did not know how I would move forward with my purpose, but I said, "YES" and jumped without a net far beyond myself or any comfort zone. In mid-leap, my colleagues introduced me to the Star Doves and their community of visionaries and new-thought leaders. Although they do not know it, the Star Doves were instrumental in the creation of my business, and today.

The business they had created and the love with which they created it, touched my soul and my heart deeply. The StarDoves' vision, passion, purpose, love, and commitment, gave me hope that the world could be our healing community and that you and I would be able make our messages of healing and expanded consciousness on call and at everyone's fingertips whether in the remote villages of Africa or the most prestigious hospitals across the world.

When I speak to Raja and Moira on the phone, no matter what is going on in my life, I experience love and depth of calm and peace like nothing I have ever experienced.

I invite you to join them and me for this magical experience. As I write this, my heart pounds with joy and anticipation of something huge. We are creating the next New, the next Big.