Twin Flames & Soul Mates: Shifting the Paradigm

Angelina HeartPlease join me on May 17th at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT as I interview Angelina Heart, author of the multi-award-winning Twin Flame novel, The Teaching of Little Crow, the journey of the soul. Angelina is not just another author writing about human perception of Twin Flames. She's a Master Teacher who shares the Ascended Master teachings about the reconnection process and the co-creative power of this most sacred union.? ?At this critical juncture in humanity's evolvement, many are being called to the conscious Twin Flame union for purposes of loving this world free from the illusion of duality. Author and teacher Angelina Heart assists those drawn to the Twin Flame vibration to awaken and reignite the memory of at-one-ment with both All That Is and their Divine Complement. Her ongoing offerings continue to provide both the education and tools necessary to access the limitless co-creative capabilities of the Twin Flame Heart Womb.

Listen in to learn about:

  • The Twin Flame Relationship. (Prepare to hear a completely different perspective from a cosmic point of view.)
  • Why we have an overwhelming longing to join with our Twin Now.
  • The Great Cosmic Safety Net (this will explain A LOT.)
  • All Twin Flames are Not in This Dimension... Cosmic Connection.
  • What Twin Flames have to do with the 2012 shift

During this FREE, LIVE teleseminar event on May 17, 2010 at 7 p.m. ET I will interview Angelina Heart, internationally renowned author and teacher of the history, physics, and potential of the Twin Flame union.

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What you'll get when you register for this free, live teleseminar event!

  • May 17th – 7pm EST – 60+ min. with questions - FREE – Interview with Angelina Heart
  • Bonus: May 24th – 7pm EST – 20 min plus Q & A -- Module 1: Twin Flames: THE BIG PICTURE – (FREE Module)

In this free module, Angelina explores:

  • What are Twin Flames?
  • Understanding the Primal Forces of Creation
  • What role do Twin Flames play in the 2012 shift?

**DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to experience Module 1 of Angelina Heart's gripping 11-Part LIVE teleseminar series beginning May 24, 2010 that will not only dissolve all your ego’s illusions about love but also will leave you empowered to KNOW TRUE LOVE and accept your identity as a magnificent God co-creator.



Angelina Heart has spent decades helping people understand the intense longing they have to join with their Twin Flame. As an author, teacher, facilitator and researcher, she has shared her wisdom, knowledge and direct experience with the subjects of Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Twin Souls with countless people world-wide. Bypassing the ego’s limited view of these sacred relationships, her work takes one into the deepest mysteries of the human creative potential.

Offerings from Angelina Heart:

Twin Flames; The Real Deal: a world-renown audio teaching series about Twin Flames and Soul Mates

The Teaching of Little Crow:  a multi-award fictional work with Ascended Master teachings about Twin Flames hardback or unabridged, full-cast audio book

Finding the One True Love; How Breaking the Rules Will Change Your Life: e-book, Angelina Heart & Catherine Ann Clemett

Twin Flame Meditation CD, Living the Divine Heart: Multiple meditative techniques to enter into the heart field and communicate with the Twin Flame

Twin Flame Meditation; Attracting your Twin Flame - MP3 download

Twin Flame Physics; Cracking the Code: An advanced dissertation on the physics of Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships

Twin Flame Music: The Original Music Soundtrack for The Teaching of Little Crow

Violet Consuming Flame Mediation MP3 download

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