Gregg Braden
Choice Point 2010: Fractal Time, Returning Cycles, and the New World Age

Greg BradenIn this compelling presentation, New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden merges the modern discoveries of nature's patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe.

Howard Martin
Global Coherence, together with Gregg Braden

Howard MartinIn this event, learn about: The Global Coherence Initiative and the Intelligence of the heart; one of the most important projects taking place today; technology developed by HeartMath that tens of thousands of people around the world are using to increase coherence and reduce stress…

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Solar Homeopathy, Health, and Longevity

Fred BurksWhat are telomeres and how are they responsible for health and longevity? What is the science behind tapping? How and why does it promote healing? Dr. Shealey shares his profound wisdom and research about the science and spirit of healing

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Raymon Grace
Energizing Water, Human Trafficking, and Abuse

Ramon GraceHealer, dowser, author, and trainer, Raymon Grace tells you how to energize water for yourself using radio waves and how dowsing can improve your life. He shares how his work with the Raymon Grace Foundation cleaning up the water, earth and air, changing and improving the energy in schools, and the reducing crime and abuse.

Compton Rom Bada
Ascended Health

Compton Rom BadaWhat do Tibetan bowls, dolphin healing sounds, Lemurian healing crystals, soil-based microbes, conscious intent, scalar wave technology and "black mud" toothpaste have in common? Well, believe it or not, these elements are all being utilized in the development of a unique blend of live, whole earth natural remedies for the regeneration of our body.

Steve Sisgold
What's Your Body Telling You?

Steve SisgoldSteve will show you 7 "Whole Body" Tips for Coping with Economic Stress by Listening to Your body's signals. Learn to stop anxiety, erase self-doubt, and achieve true wellness.

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Brian McClure
A Call To Consciousness: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Fred BurksDuring this call, find out why Brian McClure created The Universal Flag. Learn its purpose, and its power. Learn how you can help.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
Buddha's Brain

Rick HansonThe practical neuroscience of happiness, love, & wisdom. Change your brain, change your life. Can you light up brain circuits to relieve stress, have emotional balance, shape your brain for inner peace and happiness? Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, did.

Ariane de Bonvoisin
The First 30 Days

Ariane de BonvoisinIn this call, Ariane de Bonvoisin, Change Coach and author of The First 30 Days, introduces the nine principles that will help you develop an optimistic mind-set toward change even in the midst of job loss, divorce, and other crises and the singlemost important change you can make.

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Barbara Marx Hubbard
Humanity Ascending: Visions of a Universal Humanity

Barbara Marx HubbardWhat is a Universal Human? Are we headed for a planetary birth experience in our lifetime? Barbara explains.

Genita Petralli
Sustainable Green Mental Health: The Alternative to Toxic Psychiatric Drugs

Genita PetralliLearn about Genita's treatment program that allows people to reclaim their lives from psychiatric drugs, street drugs, and alcohol addiction using a model of Functional Medicine, Diagnostics, and orthomolecular medicine to resolve the underlying health issue that led to drug usage.

P.M.H. Atwater
Our New Children

PMH AtwaterWho are the new children? What are their characteristics and energy patterns? Should we continue to label them? What does prophesy say? Near-death researcher P.M.H. Atwater shares her wisdom in this 90-minute teleseminar.

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Dr. David Simon, M.D.
Free to Love, Free to Heal

Dr. David SimonDepression, cancer, and heart disease--if you are willing to look at the story behind the illness (including core beliefs, toxic emotions, and painful memories), healing and transformation can occur.

David Daniels, MD
The Essential Enneagram

Fred BurksDr Daniels, clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford Medical School and co-author of The Essential Enneagram, reveals the power of the Enneagram to enhance your quality of life.

Jennifer McLean
The Big Book of YOU

Jennifer McLeanThrough this program, Jennifer will be offering her unique skills to deliver solutions for taking the challenges life throws at you and using them to find release and peace.

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Fred Burks
Want to Know?

Fred BurksWhat is being hidden from the public; creating conditions for war-- roots of war on terror; keys to a bright future; integrating light and shadow.

Baeth Davis
5 Secrets to get Paid for Your Passions!

Baeth DavisIsn't it time to stop the chaos or being bored and do what you love? It's easier than you think - IF you know what to avoid and what to embrace.

The Business Muse
Evoking the Absolute

The Business MuseWith self-mastery comes the power over nature. Steve & Aime McCrory, co-founders of The Business Muse will reference examples from the teachings of Manley P. Hall and his wife Marie Bauer Hall, R.S. Clymer, old Rosicrucian & Hermetic texts that offer hidden ideas, concepts and possibilities buried within the crevices of modern culture.

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Mike Robbins
Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Mike RobbinsIn this call, personal growth expert and bestselling author, Mike Robbins reveals the 5 principles of authenticity, the importance of being real, and why it is so difficult in our culture. He will show you learn how churches, schools, family, and work impact your ability to be real.

Brad Yates
Tapping into Being the Change

Brad YatesEvolution Catalyst Brad Yates shares his wisdom about EFT, what it is, and how it clears your blocks to greatness. Experience a live demonstration for a powerful shift in consciousness.

Mariel Hemingway
Mariel's Kitchen

Mariel HemingwayLearn why a healthy body, mind, and spirit is the first step to becoming conscious of the health and well being of the environment. Discover how your relationship with food affects every area of your life.

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Suzanne Falter-Barns
Finding Your People, Your Offer, Your Brand, Your Niche ... Using Spirit

Suzanne Falter-BarnsIn this informative talk, learn how to tap into Spirit to select the perfect niche for your business AND brand it to stand apart from the pack and attract media. Learn what it takes to 'get known now'.

Maryam Webster
Five Keys To Remaining Conscious & Blissful Through The Holidays

Maryam WebsterOn this very special "holiday treat" call you'll discover simple ways to evolve your state of consciousness that utilizes the internal programming every human has encoding both our positive and negative experiences.

David Wolfe
Longevity NOW

David WolfeDavid Wolf's LongevityNow Program explains in detail the most cutting-edge advances in health science and nutrition. Twenty years of investigation have revealed the primary causes of aging and how aging can be stopped and reversed.

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Jim Self
Mastering Alchemy: Practical Tools for Managing the Shift

Jim SelfThe Shift… We've been hearing about it for so long, it's hard to believe that, finally, it's here! But what exactly is shifting? What are we moving from? What are we moving toward? And - more importantly – what difference is it really going to make to your world…your life… your family… your loved ones… and you?

Marci Shimoff
Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

Marci ShimoffWhat myths block your happiness? What is the connection between happiness and the Law of Attraction and how do you actually apply the Law of Attraction? During this call, bestselling author, Marci Shimoff, tells you how you can be happy even during times of challenge.

Laura Silva
Developing Your Inner Power through Self-Development

Laura SilvaInner Power is that which one gains by cultivating their ability to interpret and discern one's inner experiences.

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Eric Pearl
The Essence of Healing®

Fred BurksWhat is Reconnective Healing and how does it transcend the limits of energy healing? In this live call, Dr. Eric Pearl explains.

Susan Cox
Green Power Girl & The GreenPower Heroes

Susan CoxLearn how Susan's superheros can help your children heal our planet and find solutions to our energy needs.

Arjuna Ardagh
What is Awakening Coaching?

Arjuna ArdaghAwakening is the giant leap beyond personal growth and development into the dimension of yourself where you are all ready whole, free and not separate. Arjuna Ardagh will show you how this is happening for millions of people these days, in a spirit that is co-creative, easy and impacts day to day life.

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How to Relax about Money & Everything Else

Fred BurksCome and transform yourself in the areas of money, creative thinking, exquisite self-care and love, and be an "energy shifter" no matter what your circumstances are.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Culture of Life and Liberation

Fred BurksGabriel will introduce the Culture of Life and Liberation, a lifestyle that gives birth to peace on the seven levels of body, mind, family, community, culture, ecology, and Divinity, as an alternative to the Culture of Death so pervasive in our society.

Christine Kloser
Conscious Entrepreneurship: Your Road to Fulfillment and Freedom

Christine KloserLearn the critical missing information about conscious entrepreneurship that nobody is talking about and the shifts you must make to experience fulfillment and freedom.

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Sonia Choquette
Travelling at the Speed of Love

Sonia ChoquetteTraveling at the Speed of Love is a book on how to make your personal journey thrilling, peaceful, and filled with joy. It should be an ever-lasting, fulfilling adventure, no matter what external conditions are in place. You can have a fabulous first class journey if you know the secrets of how to fly.

Steven Halpern
Harnessing the Healing Powers of Sound and Music

Steven HalpernIt's easier than you might have thought to enhance the quality of your physical and spiritual health and wellbeing by decreasing unhealthy and stressful sounds at home or work, listening to healing music, and making some of your own sounds.

Louisah Teish
Eco-Mythology: Stories of Spirit & Nature

Louisah TeishStorytelling is an ancient art. It helps us to understand ourselves and the world around us.When we employ our imaginations to address contemporary problems amazing stories can emerge. This is an invitation to experience the healing of our relationship to the natural world through story.

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Lee Carroll
Kyron and the Indigo Children

Lee CarrollLee Carroll shares his story about channeling Kryon, his experience as co-author of The Indigo Children, and his wisdom about the Shift happening on our planet, the Mayans, and 2012. Note: This is a recorded interview from Dec. 8, 2009, not a live event

Christine Arylo
Choosing ME before We

Christine AryloA new kind of self-love expert, Christine Arylo takes a fresh approach to redefining selflove for today's woman as hip, hot and hers. A recovering achievement junkie and doing addict herself, Christine is the inspirational catalyst for today's 21st century woman... a woman who knows she can do anything but now feels pressured to do everything!

Joan Borysenko
It's Not the End of the World

Joan BorysenkoAll around we see chaos -- economic collapse, financial disaster, and global environmental devastation of unprecedented proportions. But in the midst of the chaos and crisis, lies the gift and the promise of change.

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Lucia René
Unplugging The Patriarchy

Lucia ReneLucia writes "Between now and 2012, as the old patriarchal age ends and a new age begins, we—women and men alike—have a window of opportunity: the opportunity to dream a new world based in the energy of the heart, masculine/feminine balance, unconditional love, and respect. There is no question that this new world will prevail. The only question is: How big can we dream?"

Michael Linenberger
Master Youir Workday Now!

Michael LinenbergerIn this call, Michael reveals how to approach every workday with an optimistic outlook to produce the career of your dreams.

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