How to Use Joint Ventures
Thursday, 03 March 2011 12:42

How to Use Joint Ventures to Make More Money, Double or Triple Your Email List and Collaborate with the Biggest Names in Your Industry to Grow Your Love-Centered Business, Your Connections, and Your Community

At 7:47 p.m. I’m sitting at my desk pondering the power of love-centered businesses to make a difference on our planet.

I focus on my heart.

I breathe in through my heart.  I breathe out through my heart.  I experience my feelings as I say a prayer of gratitude and love.

My prayer holds me.  It brings me face to face with who I am, and I am grateful because my heart is quaking with unexpressed grief for what is happening on our planet.  I know “Who I am” can make a difference. I know our businesses of love can make a difference. A return to love, collaboration, community, and connection in business is part of the answer. 

If you have valuable knowledge, a heart-centered message, and a deep yearning to reach more people with your message…

If you have a teleseminar, a live event, a message, service, or other product that can help many people…

If you know of thought leaders, healers, authors, and other authentic aligned with your purpose…

If you know there are people and hearts hungry for what you offer…

Then in the spirit of love, co-creation, connection, collaboration, and community…

Become a powerful partner in this leading, loving and living edge of new-paradigm business.

Your Love-Centered Business Is Part of the Answer

There is an urgent need for love and healing on our planet.  Our economy needs healing. Our businesses need healing.  Our bodies, souls, hearts, and spirits need healing.  Our relationships need healing. Our children need healing.  The earth needs healing.

My grief at the gap between where I am in my business and life and where my heart longs to be is profound.   I yearn for congruence, alignment, coherence.  There is a deep hole.

A Shoshone Elder once told me that to heal our planet we need to “fill the holes with love”.  For me, filling our holes with love is the answer to all things. 

If we are going to heal the world, it is our love-centered businesses that will take the lead.  We need love, connections, and community.

We need the healers, evolutionary leaders, and love-centered entrepreneurs who are doing the work of healing and sustainability to be seen and heard and paid (well paid). To To stand up, step us, and stand out. To bask in their brilliance.  To receive the abundance of love and wealth flowing freely through the air, through our economy, and through our culture. 

We can do business and marketing with love, heart, and integrity. We can create community, connection, and collaboration.

A Call for Love-Centered Leaders and Businesses and Joint Venture Partners

Mark your calendar for 6 Wednesdays, beginning March 16, 2011 and ending April 20th from 5 to 6:30 p.m. ET.  All calls are recorded if you are unable to attend a call.

During this 6 week event, I will show you how to build your list, reach more people, and make more money through collaborating with love-centered Joint Venture partners --  other evolutionary leaders and healers who support your purpose and your business by promoting your programs to their communities.  

Whether you are just starting out or looking to build your business and stand out in a much bigger way, you will learn how to:

  • Drive thousands of new people to your love-centered business
  • Grow your list and your community quickly
  • Monetize your event and Generate more income
  • Become attractive as a joint venture partner – how to get invited to speak on other people’s stages
  • Reach more people and make more money together
  • Support a new paradigm of business that is about collaboration, connection, and community
  • Get national and international Publicity
  • Make the most out of your Information Business
  • How to be an attractive joint venture partner
  • What are others looking for in a joint venture partner
  • What are you looking for in a joint venture partner
  • How to create a joint venture event that holds potential to skyrocket your business and your income

Because this is the first time I have shared this valuable information, and I would like your testimonials, I have reduced the cost for this event.  For a limited time, your investment is only $1397.00.  Share the cost with your own Joint Venture Creator.  To register, click here

Yeah but…

Often I hear, “but I don’t have a big list,” “I don’t have anything to offer,” “I’m just beginning,” “I don’t know where to start.” 

Together, we will move past the “yeah buts” to get you on track no matter where you are in your business and no matter how much experience you have.

Together, you will learn to:

  • Avoid painful mistakes
  • Avoid approaching the wrong people
  • Structuring programs that inspire


You will discover:

  • The essential ingredients for an effective Joint Venture Partnership
  • How to find authentic partners aligned with your purpose
  • A step-by-step process to find and approach the right people and what to say
  • How to make it easy for them to say, “Yes”.
  • How to showcase your brilliance and come from your heart
  • The key to understanding your power
  • I will hold your hand through the process
  • How to create a successful online business with no business experience
  • How to  go deep into your heart to create connection and community as you build your online business
  • How to succeed even if you don’t like the idea of selling
  • How to honor your purpose, your heart, and your self
  • Do What You Love, Make Money, and Make a Difference…
  • Build your list, reach more people, and make more money
  • Create Conscious Community, Connections, and Income
  • Find and connect with other hearts hungry for what you are offering
  • What is holding you back
  • How to find Joint Venture Partners and Collaborators
  • How to create an online community and family of supporters

Whether you are looking to do membership sites, product sales, series, videos, teleseminars, or live events, connection is key, and joint ventures hold the power.

Over the past few years, I have created hundreds of TeleSeminars and multiple-presenter TeleSeminar Series Events by collaborating with world-renowned Joint Venture Partners.  I have done over 100 joint ventures in the last year alone, yet I started with no list.  It took me over two years working night and day to create a list of just a few hundred people.

I made lots of mistakes.  I learned so many ways not to do things and I learned so many ways to do them well.  And I absolutely love it.  It is my business of love.  It is my baby. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned is to stop trying to be perfect and to simply allow myself to be vulnerable and transparent and to activate the power of my heart.

I created Science, Spirituality, & The Sacred:  Ancient Wisdom, Modern Miracles adding over 18,000 subscribers to my list in just a few short months and generating far more revenue than I had created in my life with half of that revenue going to joint venture partners.

I wanted to invite you to learn how to create your own Joint Venture partnerships using teleseminars and teleseminar series and heart-based interviews to double or triple your list and community size and the size of your income.

In this 6-week Training Program creating a multiple-presenter TeleSeminar Series is a lot of work….very fun and unlimited possibility, but a lot of work – a gigantic work form the heart.  For those who are interested in learning this process, I want to help.

For all the details and to get registered so you can grow your love-centered business with ease!

Love the air. 

There is no lack. Americans spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year for online games, addictions, and other things to numb grief and pain. Things that hurt instead of heal. Things that shut down and numb our hearts and spirits instead of making us feel fully alive. The money runs freely.  It is our choices that need direction.

What would happen if you showed up to share the space of love?

The airwaves are everywhere around you, open and online ready for your unique vibratory signature, your message and your business.  Share this space of love and healing.

The alternative is to abandon the air to those selling video games, soul-altering substances, and things that shut down and numb our hearts and spirits.

Instead, open your heart to your love-centered business.  Your business is your baby.  It needs healing.  It needs nurturing. 

“Lead a global movement from your deckchair…no dream will be too big for your signal.”  --Verizon

For a limited time, your investment is only $1397.00.  Share the cost with your own Joint Venture Creator. 
To register, click here