The Devastation in Haiti and Chili...
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 11:57

With the devastation in Haiti and Chili, warnings of Pacific Tsunamis, and other crises, it is easy to feel fear and stress, especially if the people you love live in the areas of devastation.

The Earth's axis has shifted, and it is as if her heart has broken open. As we experience a collective heart break, I wonder if the Earth mirrors the shifts happening within each of us.

Yet, while my own heart breaks to see the anguish, my immediate knowing is that focusing on the pain and devastation makes me feel helpless and brings with it more of the same.

That focus is limiting; it drains me, creating a space where I can help no one. So instead, I choose to focus on my heart and to send love and compassion -- first to myself. From there, I can radiate that same love and compassion to others.

Today's Invitation:
Compassion & Self Love

For today, pour compassion on yourself and then radiate your compassionate heart to those in Haiti, Chili, and other areas of the world.

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