Best of Sound Healing
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 16:47

Last week, I spoke with pioneer sound healer, Steven Halpern about “Harnessing the Healing Powers of Sound and Music”. Since 1969, Steven has blended modern technology and ancient wisdom to create contemporary healing music. His work is based on the foundation that the body heals when it is in a state of deep relaxation, and while many sound healers use tuning forks, toning, bowls, or chanting to access the body’s innate healing wisdom, Steven uses beautiful music. His music evokes a relaxation response within seconds while transforming mind, body, soul, and spirit through the beauty of the music itself.

Recording artist, composer, and producer of over 65 albums, Steven has also been at the forefront of scientific research to support the healing power of sound and the quantum physics about the living unified field, energy, frequencies, vibration, brain synchronization and heart entrainment. Steven “woke the field up,” paving the way for other sound healers who followed.

Here are some of Steven’s tips when it comes to sound healing:

  • Sound healing involves techniques, attention, and intention.
  • The heart entrains to the beat of the music so it is important to choose the right tempo (beats per minute) and the right music to prevent “audio caffeine”.
  • Relaxation and healing happen in the NOW
  • Music accesses the body’s innate healing wisdom
  • It is important to set the stage, to create the field, to intend healing for the listener
  • The listener entrains to the state of the artist
  • Not all music is healing; Even with healing intentions, the music may not be healing if the tones are out of tune or grating, for example. Listen to your body…“Your body doesn’t lie”

Steven says getting into the spaces between the notes helps you get in the gap between thoughts…and that gap is a space of infinite possibility.

I am passionate about sound and its power to heal, so I have created a “Best of Sound Healing” Package containing mp3 downloadable recordings of my conversations with Steven Halpern and other sound and music healers. To learn more, click here.

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