Heart of Business
Monday, 08 February 2010 00:00

It is often said that we teach what we need to learn. So it is with me and the Heart of Business series. After a winter of sober self examination and renewed commitment to live my purpose from the heart, I am excited to announce and invite you to participate in a new horizon for the Heart of Business group.

During last year’s Heart of Business series, I was deeply touched by something shared by Sheva Carr, the CEO of Fyera! and founder of HeartMath’s HeartMastery program (of which I am a member!). She told us that the heart, when it contracts, feeds the whole body. And when it expands, it feeds itself. Built into the heart is an intelligence that knows how to care for the whole, and care for the self at the same time in dynamic balance. So many of us who run businesses from the heart feel we should not charge for our services or take care of ourselves, because the goodness we have to offer is so good it should be given away. Business heart tells us something different! Business heart tells us it is so good it should be sustained so it can expand and serve even more!

In the spirit of coherence, congruence, and alignment as well as role modeling for how to run a heartful business—one that makes a difference for the world and the universe while simultaneously sustaining itself and those who are running it—this year marks the initiation of new opportunities for you and for me in the Heart of Business. I am delighted to announce that Sheva Carr will be joining me to co-teach in many of these new initiatives. They are outlined below, and I look forward to facilitating your heartful business and the business of your heart as I learn and grow alongside you in 2010!

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